Elizabeth is the wildest angel and the most diligent woman I have ever met.

Jesper BergstrømBody language Expert

Elizabeth is a comet of strength, energy and have a will that knocks down everything negative.


I strongly recommend Elizabeth. Here you will meet a woman who dares to think outside the box and can create a turbo propulsion.

Steffen GammelgaardWebdesigner

Elizabeth is incredibly visionary and she has wild and contageous enthusiasm in everything that she throws herself at.

Helle HarderGraphical Designer

Elizabeth Lund manages to provide you with even more tools to get on with your wishes and goals - A woman with SUPER ENERGY!

Carsten BaunsgaardArtist

Elizabeth is super skilled, trustworthy, analytical and sharp coach.

Tanja TifreLifecoach

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About HOI

“When I was to name my new business I knew that it had to be something with ‘house’, as in ‘home’ or ‘all that you contain’.
Of course I connected with my guides who then guided me to Latin words. To connect with your higher self, you go to the spirit chakra or ID chakra, the white chakra right above your crown, so I figured that that too should be a part of the name. So here it is, House of Idems, the house of identities, which Idem means translated into English from Latin.
It fits perfectly with the different aspects and approaches of  my work.”

“I am here to assist you in becoming all that you can be and live out your full potential as a being of light in full authenticity.”

Elizabeth Lund

Elizabeth was born with her spiritual gifts as a medium able to channel energies entering her body, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and a healer, and has spent her life evolving those gifts.

Since 2001 Elizabeth has been working with clients, and after graduating university, getting her master’s degree in International Business Communication in 2016, she developed her own business based on the combination of her degree and her spiritual gifts, now mainly working as a spiritual advisor, counselor and coach for both private people and businesses from many different nations and cultures around the world.


Everybody has  something very unique to bring to this world.
Each individual can do it, it is just a matter of HOW to do it.


We create the world as we want it to look like tomorrow.


Our mission is to create possibilities for everyone who wants to live of their passions and ideas.


Of course House of Idems has a CSR-program.


In House of Idems the general understanding is that EVERYBODY has a unique quality to bring forth into the world. What is important is how you choose to communicate this uniqueness, both in your internal communication and in how you present it to the outside world.

In the work with businesses, House of Idems works from a holistic perspective. That is, everything is taken into account; you, your attitude and how you present yourself through all that you are, your business structure, your employees and their values, its customers/target audience, etc. but especially from a spiritual perspective, so you get all levels of that which is and which is the full potential and in the becoming. This is done through measuring the energies connected to your company in the present moment as well as its energetic potential.

Why the holistic angle?
No man is an island. Nothing you ever do is without meaning or universal inspiration. As an individual you can connect and make an easier living, reach your goals and benefit even more when you are connected to all that you are, all aspects of yourself as a universal being.

Grow aware and gain a higher consciousness.


To create a better world one by one, step by step, through bringing enlightenment and upliftment to the individual.


We are here to bring light into the lives of the many, the collective, and raise the consciousness of humanity.

Everyone deserves a life in freedom and harmony and live a passionate life.

I am here to assist you in your endeavors through finding your way back home to self, to experience your worth, value and uniqueness.

You are the new currency, and House of Idems is here to help you see it and make YOU happen.


In 2018 House of Idems launched House of Idems Foundation.
Its purpose is to provide access to healing and spiritual guidance for individuals who are on the path of ascension, and in need of assistance in their process.

We recognize that not all those on an ascension path can afford our services, and wish to give them the guidance they need without placing a financial burden on them. So, House of Idems Scholarship is based on donations and gifts from others, who wish to contribute and thus help others on their journey.
House of Idems provides 50% of the cost, the rest comes from donations.

If you wish to make a donation, please use this link:

Besides House of Idems support children all around the world through various donations and sponsorships.

To do something good for the environment, House of Idems is now working on an app to enrich the individual and safe rain forest. Follow House of Idems and the birth of the app during 2019.


There is NO seperation! ONLY INTEGRATION!
“You bring peace to the world by loving yourself”

Why I love what I do

Most of my life I was working towards more, more, more. Constantly with focus on my goals and achieving them, only to experience that everything I was striving towards dragged me further and further away from myself. So at the age of 33 , I completely rearranged my life and went back to school to study communication, which has always been a passion of mine.
After several attempts to be someone I am not, I was stopped from moving any further. My team of spirit guides, angels and ascendent masters as well of my higher self pulled me back in and home to myself and my entire being.
House of Idems is founded with roots in who I am and always have been as a spiritual being with all my abilities activated and my passion and education in communication (MA in International Business Communication).
Being able to do and live from my passion motivates me daily.
First and foremost I work to create awareness so that you can live from YOUR idea(s) and YOUR passion. So get on with it – Step into your own mission and let
House of Idems be YOUR partner. 

“Dare to be the unique you”


House of Idems

Elizabeth Lund

Owner & Founder



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