The Full Story about

House of Idems

Well, first of all you might want to know that IDEMS means identities in Latin.


House of Idems started with a vision. 

A vision channeled to Elizabeth Lund back in the summer of 2013.

At the time, Elizabeth was studying International Business Communication at the University of Southern Denmark and had all her focus on that as well as being a single parent, so initially she thought that House of Idems was going to be a business of communication, marketing and branding. 

Little did she know that it was going to be her actual path in life as the spiritual being that she was born to be and share it with the world.


In 2015 the foundation of the house was built, but it wasn't until September 2016
that it was done.

Since January 2021 it has been undergoing some renovations that also meant a beautiful expansion, which continues as an ongoing process to help as many people as possible world wide and in their native tongue. 


The house is serving people from all over the world.

Assisting them on their individual life path; spiritual evolution, love-, family- and business life, carrier etc. 

The core of The House is what Elizabeth saw in her vision:









You are not alone!

Women Holding Hands
Women Holding Hands


To assist people world wide on the path of spiritual evolution. Expand into a higher consciousness through building awareness and understanding of who they truly are and  what their individual purpose is. 

To reach out to let you know that wherever you are and whichever level of spirituality you are on YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


To be present with you wherever you are in the world.

To be able to assist everyone, who feels called to work with us, to thrive in life, live a life filled with miracles, love, joy and happiness. 

To de-mystify spirituality and serve a general purpose of a general understanding that spirituality is really the normality and the way of the original human being and his/her fundamental abilities.

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