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The Name of the Game

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The name of the company House Of Idems means the home of identities.Idem is the latin word for identity.
Through my work with many different people from many different nations, cultures and religions, I meet many identities, therefore the name House of Idems.
The sense of identity comes from ego telling you that you are separated from everything and everyone else. However, none of us really are. But instead of seeing it as something supernatural, I will invite you in to seeing the logic of it. You are your focus and thus your reflection.

My purpose is to demystify spirituality with a focus on assisting people to live out their dreams and to express their uniqueness to the world. You deserve to connect with and achieve your ideal self, find your purpose, pursue it and share it with the world.On a daily basis I share my tool box and all the remedy that has been given to me to assist people who are willing and ready to receive, which more specifically means that I am showing as well as teaching clients, followers and subscribers how to life a full and fulfilling life as a multidimensional, multifaceted being in a physical, emotional and mental body.

Through working with all of your bodies, your mental-, emotional, physical and spiritual body, and getting them to cooperate, you can master yourself and your life. Human beings are born with free will, which actually means EGO. Ego can and will prevent you from following your ‘true North’, your heart is your true path-shower, not your head, and if you are willing to start listening to it, I will happily be your guide to your understanding of it and your soul’s calling.

House of Idems is journeying forward on new adventures and into new ventures in 2020. More on that later.

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have beautiful day – Namaste

Elizabeth Lund