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House of Idems is changing structure

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House of Idems started out to be an ordinary communication business with me, Elizabeth Lund, at the wheel.
I’m still the one at the wheel, but now, I’m steering my business in a new and more ME-direction.
What characterizes my ME-direction is that the GPS is set to lead me out of the spiritual path.

Destination: POINT OF NO RETURN.

I am and always have been spiritually aware. And actually, my work in communications has always been based on the information I was provided with to pass on to the individual costumer from the higher realms.

So this new structure is not of great difference to me other than now, I’m moving another step forward and in public, telling who I am, how I work and what it is that makes me work so quickly and with the precision I actually do .

So WELCOME to the new House of Idems.
I look forward to a super-fantastic cooperation with YOU.

Elizabeth Lund