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Children Running for Children

By 10. April 2017Portfolio

Children Running for Children

As a yearly event Dyhrs Private School is raising money for children in Denmark – supporting different charity projects. This year the children were running for children with lung diseases.

My children, Melissa and Micas, attend that school and wanted to participate (it is not obligatory). The sponsor is of course House of Idems.

Each year I choose to donate 10% of the business income – not proceeds, to different kinds of charities and this year House of Idems is supporting children in different places and with different challenges.

Melissa, Micas and I have been walking door to door to assist raising money for Children’s Conditions in Denmark.

Against Cancer – this event, children running for children and the last one.

The Little Brother Fond (supporting children in foster care).

 All 3 concerning children and their welfare.

So when you reach out to me, Elizabeth and House of Idems, you also support children in the world in 2017.

With all my love


Melissa & Micas, so proud of their accomplishment in raising money for children with lung diseases. This year they ran 10.875 m, which made a donation of 1,087.50 DKK


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