A Mind Full of Grace

In the land of mistakes, error and lack the mind has determined to be in lack of its purpose.

Your mind then becomes a nation against what is rightfully yours.

What is rightfully yours is what has always been, grace.

Grace is born from love and is your natural state.

When you are not in a state of grace, you are not feeling well, not functioning well and not actually living.

The life that you are living right now, is that the life you would wish for your child or children?

Does this life of yours protect peace and radiate love?

Is your heart untouched by fear and is in its natural state of extending love?

Do you give without feeling a sense of loss?

Are you aware that giving is joy?

You were created to live a life in peace, joy and love.

You are the only one responsible for making a choice not to belong to the unnatural ego but instead decide to live the natural, which is grace.

When you deny yourself a life in love, you deny yourself everything.

Instead choose to live Heaven now.

Heaven is love, is grace, is joy and only with one single purpose, to extend this truth, this wisdom to others. The wisdom that is love that shines so bright and touches everyone around you, whether they want it or not.

When you deny love, you deny a life of everything.

When you deny love, you turn your back to the grand life and the wholeness of what you in fact are.

When you deny love, you deny yourself a life in grace.

In your natural state there is no difficulty at all, because it is a state of grace.

Choose to focus your mind on grace, of giving and love.

Know that this is who and what you are, anything else is not you.

You are the creation of The Creator and in that knowledge, there is co-creation.

Creating is the opposite of loss and blessings the opposite of sacrifice.

The sense of loss and sacrifice is of the ego, so not real.

Creating and blessings are LOVE, thus real.

Let’s begin by letting the ego be seen for what it is: NOT REAL so that we may have love in our lives and live a life full of grace.

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day in love!

Elizabeth Lund

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