Know yourself, know your energy and know how to work with it!

What is energy, what is your energy and what does that do for your trust in yourself?

As we are moving from 3D through 4D into 5D, also known to be New Earth or The Age of Aquarius, we are experiencing doubt when it comes to ourselves and our feelings.

Can they be trusted?

We are aware that we are decreasing our ego to gradually make more and more room for love, but as we grow, we might suggest internally that we don’t really know the entire difference between ego and love. Mainly because we know very well that nothing from ‘the old world’, old perceptions of a thought-reality can’t be brought with us into the creation of ‘the new world’. This makes us question what we want, what ‘the new world’ is to become and how we would like for it to unfold.

We know that what we feel can just as easily come from our ego, so an error in perception that takes for our correction, which then only happens through love.

What I have received through channeling is that when we connect with our heart through this one question, we will know from which our feelings come:

Does this (situation and/or person) increase my feeling of love or does it take me into fear?

When we are in any kind of fear, we are in connection to ego, and when in ego there is absolutely no love, only perceived need, lack and sin = guilt, shame and sadness.

When we allow ourselves to move fully into love, we know that we will always receive exactly what we need when we need it, in which of course there is no lack whatsoever. When in love there is always trust, and when we trust in love, we trust ourselves.

Whatever you genuinely feel within your heart, in whatever situation, trust that these feelings are your truth and hey can be trusted. Everything coming from your heart in full authentic love can always be trusted.

So, when you find yourself at the base of New Earth and you see the empty landscape in front of you, and you are asked to start building the life and love of your dreams, trust that you have grown enough and are in love on the level of this new life that anything you feel, wish, want is of your highest good and coming from your heart at any given moment.

There is nothing more, nothing less than love. Love is everything.

Fear and ego walk hand in hand and try in all their misunderstood aliveness to bring you down to a level where they once again are allowed, by you that is, to rule the world.

5D is about giving all power to the heart, to love, and from this place alone we create the future for ourselves as well as others.

In 2020 I received a message which said to ‘let the feminine lead the way’. Not because there is anything wrong with the masculine but because the world has been ruled by masculinity for a very long time. We are entering a new paradigm, which calls for 180 degrees change. Remember that we all consist of both feminine and masculine energy, so it’s important to know the difference between the two to understand what it means exactly.

Let us begin this by looking into what defines them separately.

Divine Masculine & Sacred Feminine What is the difference and how do you know whether you are in one or the other?

Let us begin this by looking into what defines them separately.

The masculine Masculine energy can, in very short, be described as ‘the doing aspect’. This energy is connected to the physical and the mental body and hold characteristics of [1]:

  • Logic, reason, rationality.

  • Strategy, planning, future oriented goals

  • Solution-based thinking

  • Problem-solving

  • Decision-making

  • Pursuing a linear course

  • Thinking and intellect

  • Controlling and pursuing

  • Competition and ambition

  • Singularity of purpose and direction

  • Emptiness and nothingness

The feminine

The feminine energy can be described as receptive and organic and ‘the being aspect’. This energy is connected to the emotional and spiritual body, which is also why everyone, no matter the gender, would need to go into the feminine energy to become aware and expand spiritually, but more about that later. This aspect is characterized through [2]:

  • Emotions and feelings

  • Intuitive, non-rational awareness

  • Flowing, cyclical and spiral processes

  • Allowing and accepting

  • Trusting natural outcomes

  • Being and inner stillness

  • Relationship and connection

  • Listening to subtle methods of communication, such as the heart, the spirit, the inner voice of truth.

  • In touch with the non-physical realms of existence/ spiritual planes

  • Fullness and form and

  • Embodying the Divine source love

  • The receiver

  • Nurturing

  • Motherhood

  • Caring and loving

According to a study done back in 2010 by William R. Miller[3] called “The moment that turns your values upside down”, which is also mentioned by Wayne Dyer in the movie called The Shift[4]. This study is based on 4 components; men and women before and after a quantum shift. A quantum shift is described as vivid and intense, surprising and unexpected, uninvited and unforeseen.

It is benevolent, peaceful, blissful and serene. It is enduring and never goes away but stays with him/her forever. For a person to experience a quantum moment, it takes surrender and for him/her to be ready for it. It comes from a collaboration of synchronicity and serendipity that astonish people.[5]

The masculine focus before the shift:

  • Wealth/ accumulation of money

  • Adventure

  • Achievement

  • Pleasure

  • To be respected

The masculine focus after the shift = A Divine Masculine

  • Spirituality

  • Personal peace, less stress

  • Family, as to what is important

  • God’s will (purpose)

  • Honesty/authenticity (emotional honesty)

The Feminine before the shift:

  • Family

  • Sense of independence

  • Carrier

  • Fitting in

  • Attractiveness

The feminine after the shift = A Sacred Feminine

  • Personal growth

  • Sense of self-esteem

  • Spirituality

  • Happiness and forgiveness

In the book called “The Tantra Experience: Evolution through love” by Osho, he says that: “Tantra believes that just as a man has to be born out of a woman, so the new birth of a disciple is also going to be out of a woman”, which he clarifies the meaning of through these words: “Buddhas always take the form of a woman. They may be living in a male body, but they are feminine, because all that is born, is born out of the feminine energy. Male energy can trigger it but cannot give birth.”[6] Which puts a wonderful and clear emphasis on the energy of our chakras as well. These are as follows:

Root/Muladhara: Masculine

Sacral/Swadhisthana: Feminine

Solar Plexus/Manipura: Masculine

Heart/Anahata: Feminine

Throat/Vishuddha: Masculine

Pineal/3rd eye/Ajna: Feminine

Crown/Sahasrara: Both

*How they vary in feminine and masculine was channeled to me a while back, so this is my truth.

You know whether you are one or the other due to your gender. If you are male, you are a primary masculine energy. If you are female, you are a primary feminine energy. That does not mean that you can’t be in the opposite though. We can’t be only one-sided. If you are only in the feminine you are not going to get much done, for that you need to be in the masculine. However, you hold primary energy, which is what is describes above.

So, if you are a primary masculine evolving spiritually, you would find yourself mainly in the feminine aspect of your being. And if you are a feminine who for instance have had to survive on your own you would have needed to step more into the masculine aspect of yourself. The true challenge is to balance the two energies within you and yet own your primary energy, especially in a love partnership of ‘the new world’.

How to do that then?

Gaining balance between masculine and feminine

You slowly learn how to balance these two energies within by starting to acknowledge when you are in what type of energy. When you become aware of yourself in this way, you will start to grow conscious, as in understanding, why you do what you do and under which circumstances. When you have this in place, you also know how to master the balance, as in what to do or not do to be more in tune with your primary energy. Just by having read this above, you know more about the different energies and what characterizes them, which helps your awareness. Now it’s up to you to grow conscious of yourself and your patterns and through this knowledge being able to shift between them as you feel like or are being guided to.

You Bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day – Namaste

Elizabeth Lund Unique by Lund

Sources: [1] Source: ”You are a Goddess” by Sophie Bashford, Hay House 2018 [2] Source: ”You are a Goddess” by Sophie Bashford, Hay House 2018 [3] William R. Miller, Ph.D., distinguished professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of New Mexico, has researched the psychology of change. He is the author of scores of articles and books, including, with Janet C ’de Baca, Quantum Change: When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary Lives (Guilford Press). [4] [5] Described in the book called “Quantum Changes: When epiphanies and Sudden Insights Transform Ordinary lives” by Miller and C’de Baca. Supported by Wayne Dyer, who says that a quantum moment often happens after a fall in life.

[6] The Tantra Experience: Evolution through love, on the royal song of Saraha, by Osho, OSHO International Foundation 1977.

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