Energy News for the week of January 10 - 16, 2022

Unique Inspiration for Spiritual Growth we feel it?

We need it so much. Relaxation, inner peace, serenity....Just to be able to breathe now. The holidays are truly over and now we are ready to go on vacation.

January is often a bit tough on us. This January isn't any different. It doesn't make it easy on us, instead it really makes us work for it. That's ok, we've got this one too.

January is THEBIG DETOX MONTH. As we are detoxing we need rest as well as light food, light beverages and a general light way of living. Lightness in relations too.

This might cause us to cleanse out of our surroundings both materialistic stuff and people too, whatever we don't resonate or feel in alignment with anymore.

This week in particular has its focus on Mercury going retrograde starting on Friday, which means that the weekend will be packed with thoughts of old ways of communicating, past communications, as in past connections. Mercury goes retrograde from January 14 through February 3, 2022, in the sign of Aquarius and later switches into Capricorn, so to begin with on a focus on how we have been communicating in the past, how we are communicating now, or generally expressing ourselves. Aquarius is about staying neutral for us in our communication and not allowing our feelings or moods to get in the way of truth and clarity. So, when Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius we are likely to see things through a more rational lens than usual. This could provide us with some serious aha-moments!

Still, it's a time to approach our most innovative ideas and plans with an eye toward the future. Our dreams and visions are good to revise internally also to discard/renew things again if something doesn't work or has no potential anymore.

When Mercury goes into Capricorn, it brings us into a revisit of our plans, goals, what we are reaching for as well as leaving behind. Releasing the old patterns that kept us stuck in thoughts like "I can't do that..." into *dah...of course, I can do anything...' or not even that, more like the notion that the mountain goat, Capricorn, climbs almost vertical mountains with very little foundation because it doesn't know that it is hard or that it shouldn't able to. That's the energy that this Mercury retrograde gives us - The power to do whatever and express whatever, because we simply don't know that we shouldn't or couldn't...!

For the second time around, I feel this Mercury retrograde as such a gift to us all. It is amazing.

This energy WILL help you manifest your New Year's resolutions, if you had any. If not, now is the time to start making them.

As we release/detox, we are making room for all the new.

What would you like to have replaced in your life this week, now or very soon?

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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