Energy News for the Weekend_February 18 - 20, 2022

Unique Inspiration for Spiritual Growth

My morning view - Beautiful sunrise in magical colors


"This is the day when separation ends, and we remember who we really are", is a sentence I just read in the best book I have ever read, A Course in Miracles.

Does that have anything to do with the specific day, or is this a choice we can choose to make every day?

Yes, we can make this decision whenever, but I would not have felt guided to read in my book this morning if the energy wasn't leading us in this very direction. See, this is how we are to understand our expanded consciousness - Nothing happens by fluke. The energy is what leads everything and everyone. It is what leads the planets and moves them according to itself. It is what leads us to whatever we are meant to connect with in whatever way, it moves us too. Like with this same thought that keeps showing up in my mind, and for me to share, it to remind of love not being something that we create internally ourselves, but an energy that emerges from above and enters our hearts to be shared, given to those where we are being lead or moved to(wards). How could we ever doubt that?

The separation that is meant here is the separation from Source/God/The Divine....or put very simple: LOVE. "Today we end the separation from LOVE to remember that we are really LOVE. Or tomorrow, or Sunday, or Monday...Or whenever you are feeling ready to surrender your perceived sense of "self" to this fact and only act accordingly. This is why I have shared with you to ask, if in doubt: What would love do in this situation? or this one: What would love say or how owl love respond?

It is only our mistaken sense of self holding us back from love and keeping us from the salvation, atonement, peace and ultimate love connection. It is time to unveil the truth and understand that we are each a channel of love for The Divine's expression on this earth. Once we really see this as the truth that it is, which means that there is no question that this is so, this world will be a very loving and caring place to be. And every world starts with our own, which we see and experience through our individual perception. Above perception is only truth, which doesn't ask if you agree or disagree, once the truth is in you, it is what it is, no questions asked. To know this truth is to channel it. And once you hold this truth, it doesn't matter what others say, think, believe or value, you will stand strong, because the truth can't be bend.

Today is a perfect number 8 day, which today speaks of ∞, infinity; a forever which knows no boundaries, no end and no beginning. It knows no challenges, no winners or losers. It knows only of what it is; eternal. In this eternity there is no end to good luck, abundance, prosperity, unconditional love (why unconditional when infinity knows of no boundaries?)...Exactly! When we understand and grow into a much higher consciousness of our infinite self, we know that we are boundless and how nothing is hindering us.

The number 8 is the ultimate wisdom, strength, power and resource, which doesn't ask what you want but asks if you are ready to receive what you in fact need. Often we don't know exactly what we need, but we think we do. Today we are offered to drink from the Holy Grail, the cup of love which is the truth. With every sip, we embark on a journey, which might start from within but shortly after, when sunk, be a part of your radiant being and function as a magnetic pull of experienced external energy.

Separation isn't the truth, union is.

This weekend starts with this lovely energy today. Tomorrow we move through the intensity of the settling and embodiment of this truth. Sunday we have grown into a higher state of consciousness because of it.

Let yourself be led by this weekend's energy to remind yourself of union. And each time you think yourself separate from anything or someone, realize the oneness in it instead. Look for the connection at all times.

You are in union with peace, healing, love.

You are in union with everything and all that enters your sphere.

Choose to see and connect with what you see, hereby we end all separation and locate the truth.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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