Energy News_November 15, 2021

Unique Inspiration

It is Monday, a new week is dawning.

Today opens the door to a new week in November.

A week in which we are visited by the Full Moon in Taurus on Friday the 19th and the shift from Scorpio to Sagittarius on Sunday the 21st.

This means that we are entering a week of full on surrender, release and perfect change in how we think we are to plan, organize and structure everything. Instead we will be met with an energy that supports its direct opposites; trust and faith, channeling, flow.

We will experience that we can't plan. If we try we will see our plans changing.

In every effort to take control, we will find that we can't.

The Full Moon in Taurus is all about that.

It can feel good to have a plan but it feels even better to follow the structure of the universe and surrender to its flow. This we WILL learn everything about this week.

We are facing the full release of any type of control, which actually means resistance translated into the universal language of flow.

So, do your very best to be in the present moment, not plan at all. Instead have a goal and ask to be taken or moved towards it through the current of the universe.

There are so many things that are out of our control, yet we try to take it.

There are so many reason to let go of the control we think we have or can take, reasons that are much more heart-filling.

If there is someone or something that you feel like you are missing, ask yourself if there is anything you can do, anything you can control for it to come about or is you find yourself in need to ask for it in a prayer.

What you are missing is already on its way to you, but if you try to control the how, you are creating resistance and then the universe can't get it to you.

Release to receive.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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