Fading Duality

As we are moving through this magnificent phase of first emotional transformation (from mid-April to beginning of May) and now the mental transformation phase to May 15, we are experiencing the fading of duality as well.

Let us take a deeper look into these transformation phases.

Why were and are they here?

What is the purpose?

And…what is next?

To begin with, let’s look into the last question: What’s next?

From May 15 through June 15, we will be going through a physical transformation.

This physical transformation is based upon the releases of disturbance caused by the ego and old wounds, emotions, disturbances that have prevented the soul from shining through into the physical body.

If we didn’t have an ego, the soul could radiate the love through to your physical body without disturbance. However, the ego, which first creates negative and destructive thoughts, which then create destructive emotions, result in a disrupted physical body. BUT HEY, that is all changing now.

The transformation happening, is happening in the reverse, so to speak.

First, we cleared out old emotional patterns, then now, we are clearing out old mental programs, ways of thinking, which in very few days will start to show itself in the physical for you.

Whatever your body is going to look like on June 15, will be a clearer and less disrupted physical body. Your soul will be able to show more of the love that you really are.

Isn’t that just amazing?

I think it is, and I can hardly wait to see my own transformation.

The purpose all in all, is for you to be and live more and more of the love that you truly are.

Simple, right?

For that to take place, we are decreasing the ego (mental structures that actually aren’t real).

The less ego (fear thoughts), the more love, the more loving expression, the more we extend love to one another, the more we live oneness instead of separation.

So, how does this impact this world’s duality, or sense of duality?

Duality is another word for separation.

We see day vs night.

Light vs darkness.

Man vs woman.

Adult vs child.

Fear vs love.

Faith vs denial.

Trust vs distrust etc.

This duality is fading away as we reduce the ego, which holds the dark side of life, the low vibrational thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Let me see if I can give you an example that is more tangible…

When the sun is out, you see everything “as clear as day” as the saying goes.

Then the sun sets and, it grows dusk and, a bit later, dark.

Let me ask you this: Does that change what is or does it simply change your possibility of seeing what is?

We don’t see as well in the dark, we need the light to see, but it doesn’t change the fact that the world looks the exact same during the night as it does during the day. Maybe except from the night animals coming out. Like yesterday evening, when I took my dog out before bed, bats were flying all over the place. Amazing sight, which isn’t something we see during the day. It doesn’t mean that the bats aren’t there during the day, of course they are, they are just asleep.

We are starting to see, more and more, that duality really isn’t real in the light of love.

When you are love, feel love and see everything in life as an expression of love, which you are too, the fear isn’t a part of your reality anymore, thus the duality disappears, vanishes into thin air.

This is how we change the world.

This is how we will be experiencing peace on Earth.

We are taking some solid steps towards that reality now.

A reality that is merely ‘asleep’ and we are to wake up to. A reality that was always there, but we couldn’t see it because we had grown dark in our minds. Now we are rising with the sun, like the sun, and together we shine the light of day onto the planet, to each other and to all there is.

Congratulations for having made it this far. You have done well!

The journey isn’t over yet, but we are on to an amazing start.

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself, and you are a unique expression of love - totally perfect just as you are.

I wish you a beautiful day in focus on love.

Elizabeth Lund

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