Feminine Healing of Trust Issues

As the male and masculine collective is healing sexual energy and balancing the weigh scales between men and women in that way, the female and feminine is healing trust issues. Much needed healing before she can move forward and allowing a man fully into her life.

So often, we see men and women together in relationships, but relationships that aren't exactly build on mutual respect and trust, which also means that there really isn't much love to be found in the connection either.

As we are healing, we are growing. Now growing into opening up to each other.

For a woman to enter genuine love making with a man, which means that she feels love for him or else it is mere sex, she has to feel that she can trust him, for him to keep her safe and protected.

For him to even want to enter the woman, he needs for her to respect him, trust and honor him and love him first of all.

We are healing this now.

Oh, it is beyond beautiful and it is needed and has been for a very long time.

Before man and woman can come together in Divine Union, she has to be in her feminine and him in his masculine. For that to happen, we have been set out to find equal balance between these two energies within ourselves. But when this has been done, we are to enter our original and primary energy, which is feminine for females and masculine for males. (This does not include homosexuals, which is based on the inner feeling of primary energy).

Nothing in nature, maybe except the sea horse and frogs, are both genders, which by the way isn't the same, because most of us are not hermaphrodites. You are to hold the energy of your gender, period. Because the attempt to be both, please remember that that is not the meaning and it never was the intention, has created gender-confusion, energy-confusion, and this is being corrected right now.

When a woman doesn't trust, she enters her masculine energy for her own protection.

When a man doesn't feel trusted and loved, he enters his inner feminine to seek for it within himself.

I am not saying that this is wrong at all, what I am saying is that we only go there when we feel the need to shield, guard and protect ourselves.

I invite you to take a look at your past in this connection, isn't it true for you as well?

So, before we can become the expression of our 'healthy energy', we have to become acquainted with it within ourselves first, which means that women will have most of their focus, at this time, on learning how to trust herself, her intuition and her heart. While men are learning to express his masculinity through building trust, being trustworthy and balanced, grounded and strong within himself. For that, he has to find the love for himself, through which he will respect her love too, mainly when it comes to his strongest force, his life force energy and god-center connected to his genitals and the need to reproduce (intercourse).

The woman's goddess-center is her heart. The man's god-center is his penis.

Again, this energy is so beautiful. Another level of 'The Shift/The Event is happening now. As this shift isn't only on a spiritual level, but an overall shift in perception of what is real and what is not.

A new way of being with each other, connecting, respecting and loving each other. Really admiring each other for who and what we are, creating true love connections.

All of this brings us back to our origins as human beings, which eventually will mean that we will see a reduction in the need for medical assistance when it comes to reproduction. We are going to see less gender-confusion. We are going to see, and that rather quickly, that we need each other to create, co-create. We need each other and our wonderful and magical differences to become fully whole. We not only want each other but we actually need each other for togetherness and oneness. We will see, very soon, that this shift in energy will lead to a much needed communion between the genders, such mutual respect for our differences instead of seeking similarities. Here is where true equality enters 'the building'.


Gender equality springs from the knowing that we aren't to be someone or something we are not, but we are in fact to be exactly who we are and honor that as well as the differences between each other. Equality is when we can honor, respect and love our own internal, primary energy and trust that no matter what WE OURSELVES at least respect that.

Then we make room for the other and thus for divine union.

When the man isn't challenged on his masculinity by the woman.

And when the woman aren't afraid to surrender to her man.

TRUST yourself to trust each other.

Then lay it all down in the hands of The Divine.

This is a dream coming true for many of us, I know it is for me.

Finally I have allowed myself to fully step into my feminine without fear of the masculine, and I love it!

How about you?

Where are you at in the internal energy?

Surrender, give in, give up and just trust that no matter what you are protected and you are safe i the arms of The Divine, in the warm embrace of love

You are a unique expression of love.

And you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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