How to get in touch with your uniqueness

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Have you ever given yourself time to taste and smell to know what you like and dislike?

Have you ever allowed yourself to taste the food or beverage you pour down your throat before swallowing?

The thing is, we grow up with parents, family, friends, institutions etc. and in these constellations we adapt to- or adopt certain habits; either cultural, religious or just plain every day life stuff. But when we grow up, leave our parents’ home and create a life for ourselves, we should actually get ourselves into a total do-over.

I did some of that when I left the home in which I was raised and moved into my own apartment.

I chose a different brand of coffee, detergent, almost everything in the fridge and so on. What I didn’t do was actually taste my changes (good thing ‘cause I don’t think I would like the detergent very much!! LOL). My changes were more a rebel kind of behavior in freeing myself from my parents. It wasn’t until later in life I came to the realization that this is part of becoming new and whole, to be intimate with oneself and learn from it. Intimate as in present with all of your senses; taste, smell, feeling, hearing, seeing. This intimacy is the first step in the tantric lifestyle, ‘into me see’. To look into oneself to understand oneself in all aspects of self and in the now.

What is this good for?

Well, it is good for your entire foundation in life!

It helps you treat your physical temple better and in the way it asks to be treated. Your body will tell you what it needs if you really listen. I bet you have already had this experience. All of a sudden you crave a certain type of food or drink. Like my son, he LOVES lemons. He has days where he will ask me if he can have one sliced up for him to eat bare. He is good at listening to his physical system and act on it. In the case of the lemon it means that his body is in need of the resources from the lemon such as vitamin C.

BUT it is also good for understanding yourself in ways of relationships; who is good for you to be with and hang out with versus who’s not. In some cases we just stay with people out of habit. Like I was eating meat out of habit until I decided to treat myself according to ME instead of my taught habits. It’s the exact same with people in your life.

Once you start engaging in this process of using your senses, start listening to them and act on it, you will realize just how much of an impact it will have throughout your existence.

This practice will teach you what feels good and what doesn’t in general.

It will teach you about you and I bet you are in for not just one but many surprises along the way.

What makes you unique?

Everything about you is unique, the question is if you see it as such or not.
Tiny me, in my tiny car with my tiny dog - All a part of my uniqueness.

Everything about you is unique!

What you like to eat and drink and how you do it, as in how you use your senses.

Your physical appearance.

Your behavior.

The way you love, give love, share love and the way you receive love too.

The way you get out of bed in the morning.

The way you talk and express yourself.

The way you move, as in the language of your body.

Your light and energy surrounding you.

And I could go on and on and on and on………


All you have to do is dare to make the first move, take the first step.

Dare to be the unique you!

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Elizabeth Lund

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