If Responsibility is to make Decisions, then HOW do you make the right one?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

In extension to my last blog, ‘What Is It That You Are Responsible For Exactly?’ and the one from the day before that ‘HOW TO EMPOWER YOURSELF IN TIMES OF GREAT CHALLENGE?’, I mention decisions as a part of being responsible. In every decision there is a consequence, which we have learned through our years of existence, so before making a decision we think it through thoroughly, weighs the pros and cons, or we find ourselves in a position where there isn’t time to think for long and then we make a quick call. Hereafter we worry if we made the right decision or not and/or if we could have or should have done it differently. This type of reaction doesn’t come from making a quick decision or having enough time to consider the consequences, it happens either way.

What are we actually worrying about and for?

Now, I have a question for you…WHO makes your decisions? Where are those decisions coming from ? Do you know?

To this you might answer that the decision you make is based on collected data, information that you have gathered, either you consider this empirical data from others outside of yourself or from your own life experience, all stored in your brain.

Oh, speaking of which; most of our brain is constantly active and uses approximately 20% of all the energy resources we can master, also when we rest or sleep. This doesn’t mean that it is using its entire potential though. Also, by using your body physically, you get out of your head. This is a common way of grounding. So, if or when you worry or get anxious, all you have to do is get physical and your brain will start using its resources on working that body of yours instead of (over)thinking.[1]

What is meant here is AWARENESS.

Your brain is constantly working, spending 20% of your energy, but much of this is happening without you being conscious of it, and good riddance…Just imagine if you had to think about breathing to breathe; inhale…exhale…inhale…exhale…Or walking…right leg forward, left leg forward…etc…That is tiring just to read, right?

Our brain simply does so much on its own accord because it functions based on DNA and habits. Habits comes from tradition, as in what you were raised to do, think, feel as well as from rituals that you arrange for yourself and do until they become habits and then you never have to have a ritual on anymore, you just do without thinking about it = you have designed a new program for your brain. Congratulations on that…or not.

When we open ourselves to awareness, we do it through rituals that eventually become habits. An example is in meditation, how we concentrate on our breathing while entering the meditation; we count the inhalations and exhalations, and we focus the oxygen into a specific area of our bodies.

We become aware of our breathing, which we are not throughout most of our time. Notice how it feels to create awareness around your breathing. All of a sudden you can feel the oxygen streaming through your veins and what the physical impact of that is for you. You feel relaxed, maybe even a bit high on that oxygen and you feel free somehow, lighter, brighter.

Imagine what it could potentially mean for you to expand that awareness to other areas of your life, e.g. in making decisions.

Only make decisions after meditation!

Years ago, I found myself in a rather tough situation and I had to make a very, for me, serious and life changing decision. I sought out all the data that I could find for me to resolve the situation and maybe get myself out of it more easily. When I had done that and the resolution didn’t come with it, I told myself that ‘NOW I am allowed to panic.’ But instead of panicking, I decided to go into meditation. In my meditation I was guided…or was I just thinking more clearly because I gave myself time to breathe and feel? And when I came out of the meditation, I acted on that new-found clarity and my situation was dealt with in a beautiful manner.

The thing is that when we worry or become anxious, we are occupying our brain just as much as when we are using it physically, which makes us take from the 20% energy that it spends only to use it on that worrying = resistance to thinking clearly.

“When you are thinking clearly, and your brain is sharp, it is not a question of more or less brain activity, instead it is the way the brain works that is qualitatively different.”[2]

But what if you could become even more aware than that and understand how it all works?

Well, as long as it isn’t a part of your wish to try to control things, then it’s a good thing.

The fact is, we have no control, and us even thinking so is separating us from unity, from oneness with all there is, from oneness with each other and the universe itself, from God, the angels and all the other heavenly or universal beings that exists.

When you become aware of you, you automatically become aware of all the rest there is equal to you; you as an energy in motion. When reading this, just look around you and see everything is that carries an energy and somehow is in a state of motion - everything, right? Even the things that are standing in your livingroom or wherever you are when reading this, carry an energy that is in constant movement to be what it is. Only the chair doesn’t ask about its existence, it doesn’t question if it is good or bad or made a right decision, it just is without any sense of awareness of itself or its surroundings or in any sense consciousness, and that right there is a 3D-way of being. When you start to ask who you are and why you are, you have already moved yourself up into a 4-dimensional reality.

The higher you get in your dimensional understanding and reality, the clearer you are thinking, because the less you are over-thinking and the more you spent your time being aware of your present moment in which clarity can enter. Our ‘trying to think’ is creating much more resistance when it comes to gaining clarity instead of flow. Be in your life’s flow and clarity to receive the best decisions will float right to you.

If responsibility is to make decisions and you aren’t the one actually making these decisions but rather a vessel of reception, then who or what is responsible for you?

I will leave you with this cliff hanger to reflect upon until my next blog.

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Elizabeth Lund

[1] . [Source: https://videnskab.dk/forskerzonen/krop-sundhed/bruger-vi-kun-10-procent-af-hjernen] [a Danish science-page]. [2] . [Source: https://videnskab.dk/forskerzonen/krop-sundhed/bruger-vi-kun-10-procent-af-hjernen] [a Danish science-page].

Spend some time on a daily basis to slow down your mind and thought processes, when you do the answers you are seeking will come to you in clarity.
Meditation & Silence brings a deeper sense of awareness to your being.

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