Is The Tarot, Astrology and Numerology Demonic or Dark?

Something happened in the summer of 2020 that made me turn away from tarot, astrology, numerology etc. Later I have received many questions about whether these tools or spiritual directions or of the dark or even demonic, and if so, why? So, today I have set out to share the answer that I have received for myself and also have provided the people who came to ask me.

As a person who asks many questions and a person who actually really likes to both study astrology and tarot, amongst many other alternative directions, as a part of my own spiritual evolution, I had to figure out why I was guided away from everything else than The Holy Trinity last summer, after I had been touched by The Holy Spirit and was guided to walk with Jesus to reach God itself. I simply just wanted to know if it was because it was of the dark, negative or whatever.

What was the meaning of me being guided away from such directions?

On this path of spiritual evolution and unfoldment, I have received many messages through various of my spiritual or internal channels, and it seems that every time I ask a question, the universe answers. So, lately I asked the question: What is it with tarot and astrology in particular that makes it something that God would want me to move away from?

The answer was simple... "It makes you give your power away to a source or sources outside of yourself. It keeps you in the energy of anticipation in a world where you are meant to be a participant, and you are here to participate in creation of your life as a creation and being of God."

But does that mean that these tools are dark?

- No, it means that they keep you in the dark of what you are actually capable of in real reality. And what you are capable of is the creation of your own reality, your own world, your own life, led by the part of you that is eternal, the energy that is you, directly connected to its source, known as


But hey, God, I like to work with these tools, so is there any way that I can utilize it in favor of the light and spiritual enlightenment, growth and expansion? Can it possibly be a tool without creating anticipation?

Funny fact about me, who is a medium, clairvoyant etc. and asking these questions is that: I DON'T LIKE TO PREDICT ANYONE'S FUTURE. That is not why I am here.

When I read the energies of the day, the week or the month and share this, it is important for me not to create anticipation but move you into how to participate in the energy, work with the energy, utilize it the best you can and move with it without restriction, hesitation or doubt.

It is to confirm that which you already know because you feel it in your system, which, when you get this confirmation, get to feel more trust in both your physical sense of self as well as your spiritual connection, meaning your actual self.

The prediction that leaves us in a state of anticipation means that we are moving ourselves out of power and into victim consciousness. Nobody really wants that. We want to feel empowered. I wish to create awareness in each individual about their possibility to participate as a creator or co-creator above anything else. I wish for every living being to see that they are divine and can allow life/God to live through them. When we connect to the highest mind, the mind of source, our own source, that which is within, which is God or life force energy, we will always be directed to our highest good, our highest potential and to that which is true for us. Whereas if we are led by a lower mind that which holds our ego, we can so easily be led astray into judgement, lack or discouragement.

You deserve the very best that life has to offer you, and I am here to assist you in your becoming and you becoming the co-creator of your life, now and your future. To guide you into your heart, to open that heart of yours and start living your life without anticipation but in full participation.

This is the making of you, the creation of you. The acceptance of and the joy of the experience of life running through you, while you grow more and more aware of it as your very own divinity = God through you.

By anticipating you give your power away to something or someone outside of yourself. By participating you become a contributor, a participant, and hereby you are taking back your power. You bring it home right where it belongs. Full empowerment - Full steam ahead!

I asked God these questions that I mentioned a few paragraphs ago, and the answers are here.

Yes, there is a way to use these tools in a way that can and will empower you as a being. There is a way in which they can be used to grow and enhance your spirituality.

And yes, it is very simple.

It all comes down to focus.

If you can use it as a tool for reflection, you are in a good place,

If you use it as a tool for prediction of your future, because you find yourself in a rot, then you are in anticipation and thus you have left yourself, given your power away to sources outside of yourself.

Use it well and in service of the light and light it will bring.

And if you are feeling down, discouraged, uninspired, in lack of money, motivation or other, then seek to find a way to a better now by embracing yourself, in taking responsibility for yourself in the now, open yourself up to the truth, the answers and know that they will find you.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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