Message From The Oracle

Welcome to the second week of September and another week in the sign of Virgo.

This week means business, straight off the bat, and there is neither an opportunity to shy away from it nor hide form it. It wants us, mind, body, soul.

It demands our presence and our undivided focus and attention. It demands our hearts to be open and engaging, nothing more, nothing less.

From the very get go, we will be shown that which works and that which doesn't, and the ladder to be excluded from our lives promptly. No excuses, just release. Even if we don't have the Full Moon until the 10th, meaning this coming Saturday, we are preparing for the release already at the beginning of the week. Let go of what can't remain the way it was, no matter what it is. Accept the change and be open to receive that which then wants to enter.

It might seem a bit scary or even frustrating, but it is as it is, and there is really nothing we can do to change it, so we might as well flow with the change, accept it and move beyond it.

It's time for a transition in our approach to life in terms of Root Chakra stuff; finances, work/carrier, home, family life, living situation, education and all the materialism in life. What we need will never pass us by and will never be that which we are asked to let go of.

Remember this in this coming week: God always provides EXACTLY what we need when we need it.

Sometimes we can't see it, but it is up to us to find it, locate it and see it for ourselves. It might help you to ask: What is it about this situation, that I am currently in, that I need?

On September 9th, Mercury goes retrograde, and for that there is ONE specific message for us all: ONLY communicate from your heart, if you do, you can never go wrong.

This retrograde will support us in learning to communicate from our essence, which for a female is from her feminine, and for a male from his masculine. It will support us in sorting out what doesn't work in our lives and what does, so the Full Moon will have an easier time supporting our release from that which doesn't.

The planets are just as physical elements as we as humans are, and all physical elements align with the energy that surrounds us. We are being moved rather than us moving. Can you accept that or are you trying to control the energy?

STOP trying to control what is uncontrollable and accept the flow of energy to move you to where you are meant to be at ay given moment in time.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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