Message From Venus

For the longest time we have been connecting the masculine energy to the Sun and the feminine to the Moon. It still is so, especially when we connect to our emotional body, the water element, but now Venus is calling for our primary attention as females stepping fully into the feminine energy, and it's all because....

Saturday the 29th of January, Venus went direct again, staying gin the sign of Sagittarius, going back and forth throughout 2022. In other words, Venus is on fire.

She is calling for our attention and focus now, and it's all for our highest good.

For many females the moon have meant a lot for many years. We have been able to connect our menstruation cycle to the moon as well, and through that learn about ourselves. BUT listen, what I am going to share with you now is transformative and rather radical simply due to everything that is happening in our world now, the new paradigm that we are in, creating completely new times for all humans on the planet when it comes to both women and men. For the longest time, we are talking millennia's here, we have been living in a world created by men for men. Women have wanted to be a part of it and thought the only way to do that was to step into a masculine character, however, this character is a character and not her energy and being. Thus the concept of the wounded masculine became our reality, although quite misinterpreted as the wounded man. The wounded masculine is not within the males but within the females who have tried to fit into societies that weren't made for them to be an actual part of or a part in which they could take action. Even the word action is masculine.

QUESTIONS: So, what now? what has changed?

ANSWER: The energy in general.

Now is the time for the feminine to lead the way. Lead the way first and foremost for herself. Out of the wounded masculine and into her true being in her feminine energy.

It doesn't mean that we are going to create societies made by women for women to replace the masculines world. NO! It is for women to create their own and very new blueprint for how we as women can see ourselves existing in the world from now on. The feminine society for women running parallel to the masculine society for men.

How do we do that?

Well, we don't have anyone to look to or any period in history to look to either. Not since Ancient Egypt, Atlantis or Lemuria. Some of us might remember how that felt, others may not so much, and honestly it isn't that important either. What is important is to look to our female family members for as far back as we can remember. Even if many of these women also lived in a world where they were simply trying to fit in, they would still have held and hold feminine values and the energies as well. Look to them to see what they are and if they have been passed on to you. Otherwise we have to tread gently, carefully and honesty to feel our way forward. Slowly and gradually we will find our way together, in cooperation and collaboration. Let men be men and women be women and let us experience that we benefit from each others differences and that we really need each other.

The Misunderstood Inner Masculine and Feminine

As long as we think that we are to balance the inner masculine and feminine to be 50/50, we will never succeed. It isn't possible, and we aren't meant to either, so why continue to try. Yeah, yeah...I know we have been fed with this information and I myself misunderstood this concept for a long time too. But now, it all makes perfect sense, since I was told from 'The Upstairs' that we were going about this all wrong (without anything ever being wrong, since there is no exact right or wrong). But by trying to balance both energies within we are more or less removing ourselves from each other as genders. We make each other redundant.

Imagine this, when the female steps fully into her feminine energy, she is actually making room for a masculine man in her life, and visa versa. So, instead of seeing divorce after divorce, we will be seeing union after union. Whereas if we continue to try to push each other out by being it all at once, we will continue to see this use and throw out tendency that we see now so many places around the world. Just swipe right and we're done. Swipe left for a while and yeah, we'll just quit when she gets too demanding, to complex or leave him when he becomes too emotional and soft.

Message from Venus

Channeled on Saturday, January 29, 2022, when Venus went direct again

Look to Venus for the light, dear female. The Moon is showing the illusion of light, Venus is shining her own just like you. You don't only shine when you are with a man or a masculine energy shines upon you, you have your very own light, and now it is your time to shine it in all your radiant glory. Stop looking to the Moon for your answers in your feminine energy or about your feminine aspect, other than your menstruation cycle. Look to Venus, we are here to help you, guide you and assist you into the energy in which you as a female belong.

Be real.

Be you.

Be soft.

But know that the Moon, which is connected to our emotions, and these emotions are as volatile as any thought, neither of them last unless we try to hold on to them, and still they will change over time. You are not your feeling and you are not your thoughts. You are love that shines its very own unique light upon this planet to reach whoever feel called to be in your radiance.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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