NEWS_June 14, 2021

Unique Inspiration

What if what we thought we wanted really isn't what either serves us, is good for us or is our destiny, would we and could we then surrender and give it al up?

More often than not we allow our egos to lead the way, which is NOT the way at all.

We compete with each other, thus compare ourselves with each other and thin we want that which others have too or something much better just to build that extra sense of self confidence.

But what if our destiny, when allowed to unfold for us, would bring us something much better?

Something that would make our heart beat in true pleasure, passion and love?

If we knew what awaits us, we would probably have an easier time letting go of what we thought we wanted instead.

But what if we don't know and don't have all the facts, what then? Do we let go?

No, then we fear...

We fear letting go of the control we think we have.

In fact, we don't control anything, but we use our right to resist what is good for us, and so we do that every day....

But what if...?

What if you could just surrender and receive without even doing anything other than surrender to your destiny without even knowing what that is?

Wouldn't that be nice too?

Even just the sound of the word 'destiny'...We like that...And yet, we fear it more than anything else, as if includes 'change' as well.

But dear soul, I promise you this, your destiny is better than your ego-control,, because your destiny will always and at all times include LOVE and everything that is within the word; passion, joy, bliss, peace, harmony, family, soul connections, success, empowerment, trust, faith etc.

All the good stuff.

So allow it in.

Take the first step, the leap of faith in surrender to your dreams coming true.

The real ones and not the ones you thought you wanted, but the ones that your heart and soul is craving for in real reality.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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