NEWS_September 20, 2021

Unique Inspiration

A Full Moon day....Again...!

This one is in the sign of Pisces, the Yin/yang-sign, just before opening the door to another sign of equilibrium, Libra.

What is equilibrium?

It is inner peace.

To acknowledge that only spirit and spiritual connection is real. Nothing else exists. Not really.

When we are in inner peace we are in perfect balance.

Perfect balance in a union between two souls is to acknowledge that we each have a specific type of energy with a specific purpose. These are NOT the same but completely based on whether we have come into this world as primary feminine or primary masculine.

It is my purpose, as a primary and divine feminine, to be a channel of love. A channel between Heaven and Earth and to allow my surrender to it.

The masculine's purpose is to guard and protect the feminine portal.

We cannot surrender to each other if we are out of our primary energy.

Instead we keep a constant competition going and an internal fight with ourselves, the exact opposite of what this Full Moon in Pisces is here to teach us.

This Full Moon is a highly spiritual one. It invites us into our true self. The spirit that we are.

Into an understanding that we are not our mental body, to out emotional body and not our physical body. In fact there would be none of these without the spiritual body first.

We are simply peeling off the layers of what we are NOT to become all that we are in essence.

Congratulations on a VERY powerful energy.

Let the feminine lead the way.

Not with control (ego structure) but with love and surrender. With softness and kindness.

With peace and serenity.

Let the feminine ask for what she needs. Not in words but in energy.

Let the feminine BE what she is meant to be: LOVE and a channel of this love.

Don't wait for the masculine to show ou what you are. BE IT.

Sho the way through surrender, through love, through peace.

You might feel very vulnerable doing so, but know that in this space you are completely invulnerable.

As a masculine; keep her safe, protected and guard her with all the love and desire you have for her well-being. Let her love you without condition and receive her as she is. She will respect you and love you even more.

You can watch my video from this morning with a very special vision I had in my morning delta mode:

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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