Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I just re-read something that I had read years ago but forgot. It led me to the keyboard of my Mac today, to share this perspective and go deeper into the meaning of the words.

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul as to unite with source.

A man’s highest calling is to protect the woman, so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.”

With fragmented and scattered humans walking the earth more so than beings of completion, how is this possible to achieve as a species? Who is going to make the first move to fulfill this prophecy?

We face challenges, one after the other, to complete ourselves more and more each time we succeed. We cry, we scream, we fight against surrender. When surrender is finally the only thing left to do, we are down on our knees begging for help or death.

We go through one, two or several dark nights of the soul, in which we surrender more and more to our soul, to the guidance from above, up until the day we realize that the surrender is equally as much a surrender to our being within as it is to all of God’s creation in all that is, ever was and ever will be.

There is ONLY one way to living this prophecy.

- What way might that be?

It is simple and yet so hard.

It is easy and yet the most challenging task you will ever be placed in front of.

It is what life is about - nothing more, nothing less.

It is to release fear to make room for love.

To hold space for oneself when moving through the layers of surrender and transparency, authenticity.

To love oneself beyond measure as love gradually increases with the decrease of fear.

- First step is to make the choice where you CHOOSE YOU. Choose to be all that you can be, all that you in reality are but have forgotten to see, be and set free.

I really want to emphasize here that ‘to be the best version of yourself’ is an energy that is in constant change, never a stagnated one with a finality to it. You are the very best version of yourself every single second. You can only be what you find yourself to be and that version will forever change and expand, as that is your soul’s only desire and purpose - EXPANSION.

- Second step is to acknowledge that you have done the very best you could at all times with the knowledge, wisdom and love you held in every given situation. It is to take back your power through realizing that every experience, every heartbreak, every feeling, every single thought IS ALL YOU - no-one else but YOU. All the love you have ever felt towards someone is all you. Every pain you have had to endure is all you.

- Third step is to forgive yourself for every thought ‘mistake’, for every wrong-doing and every pain you have led yourself to and through. Forgiveness of the ones who failed to see you and treat you as you needed to be treated, including yourself.

- Fourth step is to find peace within after the first three steps.

It is to really allow yourself to feel where you are at now, how much you have done well for yourself during this process and celebrate your efforts, big or small. Finding the inner peace opens your heart.

- Fifth step is the game-changer and is so very easy….BE, just BE. Move with the energy that is truly you. Move with its flow as it streams through you. Open your eyes to see the miracles that living presents you with. Your heart is open to receive. When open to receive you will feel abundant, prosperous and free.

So, who might take the first step to fulfill the prophecy then?

It doesn’t matter. When you have walked through these five steps, you are equally ready to be free with each other, to hold space for each other and to love without the conditions of fear, as fear no longer has a place within you. If fear does, however, show up, which it likely will, you will know how to release it. You will know that through facing it, looking at it, studying it and being open about it, it has no power over you = released. Then you go through the steps of forgiveness and inner peace and the BEingness once again, and see, you are right where you are meant to be.

You are IT!

You are PERFECT already, right now and all along.

The woman lead a man to his soul through an open heart, through her loving him, really, truly, deeply loving him without fear, without restrictions, without hesitation, unconditionally.

He protects her best through not only hearing what she speaks but really listening to her, the depths of her love. The way she loves is the key to know how he can protect her.

To express his desire, how much he wants her. The more she feels wanted, the more she is capable of loving him in return.

EXPANSION. It is to hold her in loving embrace when she is triggered into her old fears by him, something he said or didn’t say, something he did or didn’t do. It is her utmost biggest challenge to dare to express to him what she is experiencing in that moment, also her most important task - to express the trigger and where it is coming from, so that he knows how to protect her best.

YES. AUTHENTICITY and HOLDING SPACE FOR EACH OTHER are the keys for both in the journey of union between man and woman. The alchemical marriage of free souls.

See, this is exactly what you are meant to be.

As you have read this post, you have felt your way through yourself and journey this far, and even that has brought you closer to what you might like to call HOME. Home is where the heart is. Home is YOUR HEART, YOUR LOVE, the sharing of this love through the open heart.

Do you dare to love a man in this way?

Do you dare to love a man so much even if he is not where he knows exactly how to protect you but your love of him will grow him into it?

Do you dare to love a woman this way?

Do you dare to give your all to protect a woman who might not be fully ready to love unconditionally yet?

Let me ask you this: If you are able to hold space for yourself and love yourself without any type of conditioning, aren’t you then also ready to love another in this way?

Now you have the steps as to how to deal with it. If you actually do it, you will be ready before you know it, because then you already are!

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.
A woman's highest calling is to lead a man to his heart and a man's highest calling is to protect the woman.

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