September's Energy

Nervousness, excitement and hearts racing-energies. Wondering what's next, what to prep for, what to expect?

September is represented by the universal number 14/5 (9+2021=14, 1+4=5).

In numerology the number 14 is about expressing personal freedom, including independence and self-determination. It is curious and interested in pretty much everything.

The number 14 contains the essence of number 5, which brings a heightened sense of adventure and a quick-thinking wit. And there is a determination to express all of our existence.

It is the full expression of personal freedom, whatever adventure that may lead to.

The first huge thing we will be experiencing in this September is the New Moon in Virgo on September 6 and 7, 3.01 ECT. This New Moon is amazing when it comes to setting goals for your success. So please do. Get your success and know that you deserve it.

September is a month of conclusion, completion, endings and new beginnings.

It carries such a strong energy. When it comes to your goals, your success, which the New Moon has its focus on, you are being asked about your true values and what really matters. What really doesn't matter or what is coming from a program inside of you that is out of alignment with you and your energy in the now, will see its ending. This might feel somewhat intense and scary, however, there is a promise of a better path, a path that is in full alignment with you. The New Moon is the door to this new path for you. Whether you choose to take it or not is entirely up to you. But really...Why not? If it takes to let go of something that really didn't work out for you anyways, and if it constantly demands way too much of your energy without getting you to where your heart and passion want you to go, then why not let it end and start utilizing all that powerful energy of yours on creating that something that really does work?

As Venus enters the sign of Scorpio on September 10, your finest passion is revealed. So, if you haven't met it yet, trust that this constellation will bring it forth for you.

By Venus moving into Scorpio, it is essentially visiting the underworld What this provides for you is an energy of encouragement to embrace the fact that you would literally go to hell and back for someone. And you deserve that same attention in return!

Venus is the planet of love and finances, which also brings a time for you to start looking at how you are dealing with your money and how this can be translated into how you are dealing with your love life, your deep feelings and emotions when it comes to relationships/partnerships.

You will grow so wise and know which shadow sides you re still working through, which you will with this energy. You will work through it, you will get through it and wiser from it. This could potentially change your love life for the rest of your life - oh yeah, in a good way of course. Change it for the much better!

On September 20 we have a Full Moon in Pisces. Oh, how that will release emotions from deep within and let it all out. Spirituality will be heightened and sensitivity towards others will be on a very high too. You might be able to feel everything that everyone else is feeling and have a really hard time differentiating between you and others. This is happening for us all to see more of UNION. That we are all ONE and all a part of unity consciousness. You will thus be able to tap into anyone and everything in a much easier way. No tuning into anything, it will just appear.

So, keep in mind that there is no you and them, but that we are all one. Treat yourself as everything that you are feeling is coming from you and not from others, because the fact is that when we are all one we are all dealing with it, whatever it is, as one.

This entire year I have been looking forward to September. Why? Because I felt its energy in the beginning of the year already. An energy of UNION, coming together, growing together, really seeing each other, It is a BIG month for LOVE. BUT for this to enter and become our reality, we also have to clear out that which is not that.

Be patient with yourself while we undergo these grand changes.

Accept what is being shown to your and deal with it one thing at a time.

Know that you are worthy of all you have ever dreamed of.

And set your goals accordingly.


ou are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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