Sunday Blessing_Divine Delivery

Unique Inspiration

All of a sudden I was struck by sadness this morning.

Nothing had happened for me to feel that way, it just happened.

As I sat with it, I received a message:

"God wants you to be happy and joyful, so what doesn't make you happy isn't real.

Only love is real, because God is love.

God didn't create fear, the human ego made that.

God created love and everything from love.

Any other senes of reality that doesn't feel good within you, is of human making, which comes for no place else than the ego.

Ego is the opposite from God, thus opposes love.

Ego makes stuff up which makes us think we have to sacrifice and suffer from the sacrifice to eventually gain love. Or that we live a life with less love than we want because we aren't good enough, have sinned and thus deserve to be punished.

What a HUGE load of BS!

You are love!

You are beyond the mere thought of whether you deserve love or not.

Because OF COURSE you do. It is your birth right.

It is all you are and all you are here to reflect.

See if you can find peace with that today.

See if you can find the logic in this truth today.

Sadness might arise, like it did in me, but know that there is nothing to be sad about, not even the absolute worst scenario. In everything there is love to be found, so do yourself a favor and seek the love instead of allowing the ego to remove you from the truth and lead you astray, straight into fear that is. Sadness is connected to fear, which is connected to ego.

Release, let go, unload, be real - BE LOVE!

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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