The Higher Self that Disappeared

Years ago, my experience of myself in the higher realms started to change.

I have had connections with different levels of higher selves during my years as a full-blown spiritual person with all my abilities blown right open from the day I was born.

For years I connected with people, clients, their higher selves and my own of course. Suddenly in 2016 that changed.

I felt connected in a different way. Instead of moving upwards to connect, I became physically connected to my higher self through something that looked like an actual cord entering through the back of my head. Then ‘she’ disappeared.

Later in 2018 during a meditation, my higher self fully integrated into my being, merged with my physical body. When this happened, all her memories became mine. Her physical appearances here on Earth became parts of my past lives. Not that I lived them exactly, I didn’t, but as she merged with me, I knew what I had been and thus was a part of.

So, just FYI, my higher self was, at the time, Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of healing and magic.

Her name means “Queen of the Throne”.

I used to be terrified of her. That lasted until I was 33 years old. That’s a long time to be afraid of yourself. LOL

Then it became silent for a while.

A few days later another higher self appeared.

This lady was so very different from me in the way she looked, whereas Isis and I looked much alike. This energy was blond, long, blond, wavy hair and a very lush body.

When I asked her who she was her answer was very straight forward: I am your 9th dimensional higher self.

I was like…WHAT???

Is it possible to get a new higher self?

I had no idea…I had never heard of that.

So, I got out of my meditation and went straight to Google but I found NOTHING.


Wasn’t there anyone in the world who had had that experience besides me?

I couldn’t believe that.

However, there was nothing to be found on the matter, so I had to investigate this myself as much as I could. It took so much trust in myself and my abilities to really listen and understand.

I wasn’t quite ready to share it with the world until now. Today. And today we have a Full Flower Super Moon in Sagittarius, which tells us to SPEAK UP, stand up for ourselves and stand strong, so I thought 'what day would be better than this for sharing this with you?'

Well, as it turned out, this lady, aka my new higher self, wasn’t with me for long.

She disappeared soon after.

In April 2019 I ascended into my mastery, which means that I advanced into an Ascendent Master and this in the 2nd ray. Which means that I am an Ascendant Master of the Sacral Chakra, which in very short just means that I am now a teacher of God.

Since then, I haven’t been in contact with my higher self - not any of them.

They simply disappeared alongside with all of the other energies that I used to work with.

Only Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit and God have remained.

Hmm…that felt so weird.

For a while I thought it would be impossible to maintain my work with all of my clients, because how could I work when I didn’t have the connection anymore?

But hey, little did I know that it never had been stronger than what it was and what it has grown into and still growing in my now.

So, what actually happened?

What is this?

And why is it happening?

Will it happen for everyone?

Let me start with answering the first question: What actually happened?

What happened was that I stepped into Unity Consciousness. I became ONE with every single energy I could think of: Higher self, crystals, angels, ascendant masters, other people, animals, nature etc.

During fall of 2019, I became one with my own divinity. The Divine Feminine within me became me or I became one with her. However, only for a short while.

It wasn’t until June 2020 that I came home to stay.

What made the difference?

I was sitting at my dinner table and was channeling a meditation for a Goddess Workshop I had planned for the next day. In this channeling I was walking next to Saint Julia. She called me to come with her, which I did. We walked into the desert towards Jesus, who was waiting for us.

I fell to my knees in front of him. He placed his left hand on the top of my head and raised his right one towards the sky. In that second, I felt the Holy Spirit coming over me, into me. I cried most of that day…I was in s state of pure love, pure bliss. I was blessed and felt it throughout my system.

Now, this year 2021, I have gotten even more knowledge on the topic, which made me capable of sharing this now.

What it is, is the next question, and here is the answer:

This is ‘The Journey’ towards atonement. This is a home coming. Coming home to your very own divinity, your connection to source, to God, Universal Consciousness, to UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

This is the path to enlightenment, which demands full surrender of what we as human beings think to be free will, but really isn’t, it’s just pure ego, which is the death of us all. Love as its opposite invites us home to itself. God is love, nothing but love. And only in connection with The Divine we get in contact with our actual free will, which is the will of God for us.

Why is this happening?

It is happening for the purification of the planet. It is happening to invoke the second coming of Christ. Christ means Unconditional Love.

Will it happen for everyone?

It can happen for everyone who wants love more than fear.

It can happen for everyone who wishes to evolve.

The dimensions we experience, travel up and down through, are symbolizing what we are capable of seeing - our perception, which is connected to the ego.

Density, on the other hand, is about the truth that we know, what we have embodied.

You know it yourself, if there is something that you are 100% sure of, you cannot be persuaded into believing otherwise. That’s density.

So, perception = dimensions.

Truth and wisdom = density.

When we reach a certain level in the dimensional realm of perception, the Holy Spirit bridges the gap between perception and truth. When this happens, we see that higher selves for what they truly are, personas/archetypes symbolizing our dimensional journey through he evolution of perceptions, of a thought reality - not the truth as it is.

When we are done meeting the higher selves, we meet the soul and thereafter the over soul…In these connections we are connecting with the Holy Trinity - We have arrived home.

During a class in connection to my Holistic Coaching Education Program, Jesus channeled this through me, and I feel like sharing it with you, hopefully it will make it clearer to you, what I am speaking of here.

You are a perfectly unique expression of love.

And you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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