The Weekend Ahead_UNION, LOVE & ONENESS

Are you still waiting for someone to come in and make you live your best life?

As in, are you waiting for someone to show up to give you that which you need or want?

A Weekend in the Sign of Connection

This weekend is all about reaching for it yourself. Reach for that which you need. One thing is to want something, another thing is to NEED it. The NEED is what makes us go that extra mile, stretch ourselves further than we thought possible and make the total effort to get to that point of having it fulfilled. This is, btw, the energy the universe responds to when we speak of The Law of Attraction, which has a law beneath that, which is called The Law of Vibration and the Law of Vibration is ONENESS/UNION. It is all about vibrating on the same frequency as that which you need. Being a MATCH to it. Let me put in in a very simple and tangible way; if you want to live a happy life, do you think that that is possible while sitting on the couch weeping?

You would definitely respond with a 'no' and you would be absolutely correct, we know and understand this completely. But what we might not be fully aware of is that our happiness is our own and can never be dependent on someone outside ourselves. We can, however, not live without the reflection that we get when with someone else or others. We need this just as much as we need the sun to live a fulfilling life. But we can get that from so many, it doesn't necessarily have to be in a romantic partnership, it can just as easily be delivered to us through friendships, family relations, colleagues and people in the street that we don't even know. A reflection is a reflection, and a reflection is entirely sure responsibility. So, if you need to be reflected get yourself out the door and find that reflection.

God is in everything and everyone. If you have a hard time with the word 'God' or religion in any way shape or form, just see 'God' as what it really is; life force energy which is LOVE, because LOVE is what is the foundation of creation. Our only task, maybe also challenging at times, or most times, is REFLECTION.

Divinity is to be responsible for your own reflection

Yes, and so it is. If we understand that we are under constant and continuous expansion and evolution, we can also write easily understand that we have the option or possibility to grow through every single reflection, and that it is in the very reflection that the teaching lies.

It is all you (or me). It is all parked within ourselves. Everything that we can possibly reflect is what is within us, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically. If we want more love, we have to grow more love from within. If we want a UNION IN LOVE, we have to open ourselves to UNION WITH THE DIVINE (life force energy and love). It is really very simple, and yet not simple at all, because we have a subconscious programming that NEEDS the sense of SEPARATION, to keep each of us stuck in our hewn heads about being our body, which is finite, thus a direct knowledge of death, which is in fact an illusion, because what is energy can never die. You are energy, life force energy, and so is everyone and everything else on this planet. That means that we have the chance to reflect ourselves through everything and everyone too. Because what is life is a possibility of reflection.

Dear soul, you deserve LOVE more than anything else in this universe (or multiverse, if you need it to go all the way out there). So go in and get it, then get out to reflect it.

This weekend will help you and support you on this journey. All you have to do is what was just described, and then allow yourself the reflection and take it for what it is so you don't fall dependent on it again. A reflection can last a lifetime or a second, depending on your soul's journey. Accept instead of expect and you will forever be free in your hear and love.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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