True Love

True we want it. How we crave it. How we have yet to understand what it actually means....! But listen...Your heart understands and experiences it all the time. The question is if you are aware of it or why you still aren't...?

As I sit here in the early morning light, just before 5 am and the sun has started to rise in the horizon, I feel into the concept of ‘true love’, I taste the words as they appear from my mind and then fall out of my mouth. True love…hmm…tastes good, doesn’t it?

It provides me with that feeling of inner warmth, surrender, want, desire, joy, happiness…Mmmm…who doesn’t want a bite of that deliciousness? Don’t you just want to surrender to it, give in to the craving of such an intriguing dish?

As if that wasn’t enough, it also captures our vision, like a colorful sunset as the sun sinks back into the ocean. Like a fresh new sunrise that honors the sky with its presence, or like a rainbow calling for our attention and gets it every time.

Love awakens all senses. Increases every single one of them. Awakens us to want more, to see more, to hear more and really listen, to taste its sweet nectar, to smell and really take the scent of it into our lungs. And to touch…oh…to touch, again and again and again…

Beyond the mere five senses it nurtures our soul, uplifts our spirit and invites us into a connection which we may find rather difficult to describe in words, instead we find it throughout and in every non-verbal expression.

But what is true love?

What do we connect with it or connect it with?

Are you still searching for that one true love, the love of your life or of a lifetime?

I am here today, to invite you into the actual true love of your life.

My deepest wish is for you to really see, hear, smell, taste and feel, to be moved by it, seduced by it and surrender fully to it.

Here is a fact for you.

All love is true.

Either love is or it isn’t, and if it isn’t it is because fear has taken its place and taken control of your life.

If you find yourself longing for love, fear is the actual state you’re in.

In this case, surrender to whatever is, don’t fight against it, allow for it to teach you about its opposite, which is always love. Whether that may present itself as inner peace, harmony or a longing for freedom, it is still and all love.

What we connect with love is a very different story.

Unfortunately, many of us connect love to a fear, which then means that we have abandoned love.

We fall in love and then we fear the loss of it - which means that we already have…

Love opens to the ego’s suffering and as soon as ego has taken over, love has left the building.

Ego wants to control and know every single outcome of every single action, every single part of the potential future. Because ego IS fear.

Your heart is love, your soul is love and your connection to everything in life is love, but if we allow for the ego to take charge, love has been pushed aside and demanded to take a backseat.

Another fact for you.

Love is never not there for you. It is always there for you, and you can choose it at any given moment in time.

SO, when fear arises choose love.

Ask yourself this: What is this fear teaching me about love right now? What love is it trying to remove me from?

If you are still searching for that one true love of your life, take a hard and very close look into your mirror. This is the ONE and ONLY love you are ever going to meet in your life. This is your ONE TRUE LOVE.

Hahaha…yeah, I know, this was not the answer you were expecting or even wanted.

But isn’t that sad?

You don’t want that love for yourself, you would rather want someone else to love you.

Why is that?

Well, here’s my 3rd fact for you today; because you simply don’t believe in love, you fear it and you don’t believe yourself worthy of it or feel deserving of it.

Forth fact: You can’t love or reflect love with another on a level you haven’t accepted within yourself first.

You know the drill and you are about to puke if you have to hear it one more time. OK, so puke…lol, because here it is again: You can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself. So, love yourself first.

Arhhhggg….I know, but it doesn’t make it less true.

You are love and the sooner you realize that the sooner you can see it reflected back to you in the most beautiful way.

Every single time you love someone or something, that is a reflection of your inner world. Well, everything is actually. You can’t experience something that hasn’t already been made a part of your inner awareness.

Do you want unconditional love?

Then love yourself unconditionally. And yes, it means to love yourself without any conditions placed on yourself, that you have to live up to before you are worthy of love.

All love is true.

Take a good look at the love that is already present in your life.

For me, I have so much true love in my life, and true love IS IN FACT unconditional.

I have my two wonderful teenage children. I have my little chihuahua-baby-dog.

I have a loving and present family, which still provides me with grandparents, even at the age of 42. Magnificent and something that makes me feel truly lucky.

I truly love so sit here and write, to wake up just before the break of dawn, to start my day with a cup of coffee and work, which isn’t really work, but me extending my love through expressing it and sending it off into the world.

How do you express and extend your love?

You might not be aware of it, but you do every single second of the day.

Make it your business to grow aware of it today.

This will expand your consciousness in love and expand your potential for attracting even more love into your life.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trust, always hopes, always perseveres." [1 Corinthians 13:4-7]

You are an amazing and so very unique expression of love.

And you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Today is a great day to start bringing that peace into the world. Make that your intention and start to love yourself just a little more every day.

You deserve it BIG TIME!

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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