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Another week of amazing energy has just begun.
A week where we are led onto a path that we are designing ourselves little by little as we go along.
All we need is a destination and then we start building the tracks for our destiny train to run on.

If we don't know where we are going, if we haven't decided on a specific destination, we have no reason to build anything, no need for tracks, thus we are guided, first and foremost, to choose our destination, our goal. Then focus on reaching the goal through our undivided attention and devotion.

To reach where we want to be or become, we are also guided to feel into our standards. What would the you that you are in the becoming of do, say, dress, act etc? BE IT NOW! Don't wait for it to happen until you change into the absolute best version of yourself, Set yourself up to doing that for yourself on a daily basis.

The Sun just interest Aries yesterday, on the same day as Spring Equinox in the Northern hemisphere Fall Equinox in the Southern, amplifying the light and the fire in all of us. Meaning also that there is a shift in our consciousness, conscious actions going from water, being led or controlled by our feelings, into a period of passion-based action, desire, stubborn unwillingness to settle for anything less than our highest standards. CONGRATULATIONS ALL, this is the beginning of the new world order, which says that if one can do it, we all can!

I will mention what I shared yesterday with you once again: The Secret is NOT a secret, because we carry all the wisdom of it within. The question is rather if we are willing to unveil it and start claiming our birthright as wealthy, prosperous and abundant people. Look at all the abundance in nature, and ask yourself a totally logical question to which you of course have the answer to within a few seconds; are you not also a part of nature?

Yes, sure you are, we all are, and thus equally abundant in every way we wish to be. Just don't allow anyone to cut you down, like people tend to do with their abundance of grass in their garden every summer. Don't allow anyone to do that to you - especially not yourself. Instead connect with your very best version of yourself, and instead of holding that image somewhere out it the future, claim that person as your reality now.

Set yourself up to writing down 3 standards for yourself, and then write down how that will unfold for you in the physical realm. Like this: "I am worth more than I know, and I will be the embodiment of this standard when xxx unfolds in my physical reality."

God says: "Set your standard HIGH, and once you have set it, raise the bar and then multiply it by 10 (just to begin with), you are worth more than what you can possibly imagine as a part of the oneness."

A way to become clear on that, our worth that is, we have to reduce the ego, our subconscious, in which all the previous teachings are; how we were raised, what we were told, restrictions, belief systems that were not of our making but projected into us from our surroundings. Every negative thought or feeling about yourself, which has absolutely no place in reality.

And before making a decision, ask the best version of yourself, the one that you are in the becoming of, what he or she would do, and then do that. Always claim the best version of yourself to make every decision for you, because if you allow the version that you are today to do it, you will not move an inch.

This is a great week. We are settling in more and more to the new reality, this parallel universe that we recently moved into or were moved into; the reality which reverses all our hardships into your personal bounty.

If you want to know more about this, you are more than welcome to check out the void I did in June 2021, where we went into preparation for this time that we are in now. https://youtu.be/4GnxhTqC-Xk

Also this one on the portal called The Shift: https://youtu.be/p9PQP5RbR7Q

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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