Welcome to August, The Month of Courage, Confidence & Empowerment

August & Numbers

Welcome to August, the 14th universal month, representing alchemy and the exact right one. The month of figuring out what that balance is, what it requires from you and how you may utilize this the best way possible.

The Spirits of August

It brings us the energy of the lion, the sign of Leo, but also a very intense energy of the horse spirit. To find the balance between the wild and tame within. To locate the freedom within the frame or to break free of any frame to find ultimate freedom. To have the courage and confidence to do so. To dare to express the wildness of our being and instinctual force. To fight any and all complexes/ego-triggers that block us from growth and expansion and the unveiling of our true being and nature.

So much is going to change during this month but primarily how we see and perceive ourselves in the physical realm. We will need to balance ourselves in all of our four bodies; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We are guided to align them all with each other to reach the inner balance and harmony also known as inner union.

There are no shortcuts, only passage is through it, all the way. Through it means to feel it, think it, as in reflect upon it, have it move us and change our physical structure as well as bring us into a higher state of consciousness which enlightens us through the realization that there can be none of the others previously mentioned without the spirit and soul, including their guidance.

This comes with an implicit need for gathering patience. Only know that there is only ever a need for patience when there is expectations involved. If we can find a way to release our expectations we will find ourselves better off and without any need for patience.

"GET A LIFE!" is the message then. If we are living to the fullest in our present moment, each of them as we go, we are in flow, we are intimate with ourselves and others, thus no expectations, and again no need for patience. Get a life simply means to be present and in full enjoyment of each moment.

Bring your talents and skills into full expression. Let it out and let it be seen and experienced by others. Don't hold back. And if you don't feel you have any skills or talents, look at what you have been through and what you have endured and conquered, this is your gift, your strength and what you have to pass on to others. There is always a reason why we go through what we go through, it is to show the way for others who are facing the same as we did in the past. Every teacher is a student, and every student a teacher.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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