Words of Peace

Yesterday evening during the LIVE March Meditation that I did for the forum on House of Idems' website, HOI Exclusive, I saw a field of Forget Me Nots. Today I felt like sharing them, because they bring the message of peace, so these are the ones you see in the image above.

Before the meditation I lit a candle for the people of Ukraine; for those who have given their lives for their home and family, nation and freedom, soon after was when I saw these flowers. They come in many colors but the ones I saw in my vision were light blue. They carry such beautiful symbolism, which I feel like sharing here with you.

"Whenever there is trust, there is this feeling of inner peace that surely follows after."

"It will help in the process of accepting loss and tragedy by strengthening the trust in intuition."

"They will guide the flow of the love currents in the heart."

  • True and faithful love

  • Fidelity

  • Memory and rememberance

  • Long-term connection

In connection to Christianity, there is a story telling how Jesus covered his Mother’s eyes and waved His hand across the empty field and a fresh spring of blue Forget-me-nots miraculously appeared to symbolize her memory and tenderness.

You are a unique expression of love and you bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

May peace be with you

Elizabeth Lund

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