Updated: Feb 10, 2021

- and it’s about time you unwrap it!

You are your own gift and it is about time you unwrap it.
A gift of love, a gift from God.

Dear You

It has been a while since you last saw your real reality.

Since you saw just how beautiful you are.

Felt how perfectly unique you are in a good and positive way.

Thought of yourself as successful, worthy, valuable and free.

To feel worthy enough to be FREE in your true and full expression.

To feel valuable enough to LIVE and feel FREE in and with your passion.

To feel a sense of FREEDOM in your work.

Feel worthy and valuable enough to be FREE in your relationships.

To allow yourself the be FREE in the way you love and who you love.

To be at peace within to also feel FREE in how you express yourself sexually and sensually.

Listen, all of the above are all part of your uniqueness, your unique being.

You were born as a very unique and very special being, human with spiritual, emotional and mental capacity.

Slowly and gradually you learned to turn down or completely turn off your uniqueness to fit it, feel and seem ‘normal’ to your surroundings.


Stop everything that you are doing and FEEL what is real.
STOP it right there!

You are NOT meant to fit in anywhere.

You are NOT meant to be a product of your surroundings.

You are NOT meant to be ‘normal’.

You are meant to be YOU and exactly WHO and WHAT that is.

You are meant to feel proud of standing out and being as special as you are.

You are meant to shine with love and acceptance, when you do the world around you reacts to that in reflection back to you.

You will automatically radiate your growth and that will be reflected back to you through your surroundings, which means that you automatically will fit in because the right people, the right job, the right love will find you. That is universal law. What you feel is what you attract, which becomes your NEW reality.

You are meant to COME HOME to YOU, turn on the lights, turn on ALL that is YOU.

Then you can welcome the right people, the right job, the right direction, the right man or woman in. BECAUSE THEN YOU ARE ACTUALLY HOME!

Unique by Lund is here to dare you - Dare you to dare to be the Unique YOU!

Together we will unwrap what was once sealed, hidden away and forgotten all about.

Together we will reveal the present you truly are.

Together we change the world, one person at a time.

You are the only one who have to see your light. When you can acknowledge your light, you automatically radiate this into the world around you.
You are a shining light, a being full of sparkling energy and star material.

Join me in session(s) and let’s get busy!

Stand out in all of your uniqueness.

There is no such thing as 'normal' without uniqueness

Let's twist your perception and make you sparkle - together!

You bring peace to the world by loving yourself.

Have a beautiful day - Namaste

Elizabeth Lund

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