Healing The Divine Warrior

Reconnecting with your manhood

Men have been shamed for being men, so much that they haven’t been able to live as men and unfold their true masculinity. It is time for the masculine energy to unfold and create space for the female to be in her femininity again. Your masculine strength is needed in the world. Your ressources as male, as a protector, who creates a safe and secure space for the female to blossom too.
Through this session you will reach contact with your manhood, your essence and your soul. You will regain pieces of you that was lost and reach contact with your higher self to start the integration of all that you are.

Through the work and healing with divine source energy, we get you through your distorted self-image and create a new and better focus on you as the man you truly are. You will be guided back into self-love and nurturing so you, once again, can open up to love from another as well as receiving all the good things you so deserve.

By purchasing 4 sessions in a row, I offer the 5th for free.

After you have made your purchase, you will receive and e-mail for confirmation and to arrange a time for you that suits both you and me.

The session is online and we meet either on Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, which ever you prefer.
You will receive a recording, also through e-mail, right after your session is over.


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