(NEW) Healing the Sacred Masculine

Get your inner compass in order to follow your own direction!
Are you ready to take back your power and own all that you are?

This session will lead you back into yourself, to release any judgement you hold on yourself and thus the release from judgement of others.

Men have been distorted for centuries. Told that they were not allowed to have and most certainly not show emotions. That of course is not the truth. It is so important to FEEL and to allow those feelings to show.
Men were supposed to work, have a carrier, ambitions and be the main or even sole provider of the family.
But times have changed. We are in a new era, living a life in a higher dimensional reality and so are the males on earth.

You deserve so much better than what the old paradigm permitted.

Through the work and healing with higher energies, we get you through your distorted self-image and create a new and better focus on you as the man you truly are. You will be guided back into self-love and nurturing so you, once again, can open up to love from another as well as receiving all the good things you so deserve.

*By purchasing 4 sessions in a row, I offer the 5th for free.

Each session is 60 min.

You will receive an email confirming your booking and we will set up a time for you asap.
The session is online. We meet on Skype or whichever media you prefer. The main thing is that we are on video with each other.




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