(NEW) Love Reading


Product Description

Are you looking for love, longing for love?
Are you about to burst to see what your next step is on the ladder of love?

This LOVE READING is one of the most accurate love readings you will ever have.
Why is that?
Because it connects to your Sun Sign as well as your Lunar Sign (not to mistake for your moon sign), so your masculine energy of giving and you feminine energy of receiving is a big part of the equation.
Then we add both tarot- and oracle cards to it as well as the channeled messages that are coming through to you to make is even more fulfilling.

When we connect you to your Lunar birthday, your life becomes so clear when looking at your past, which means that it is a very tangible way of predicting your future.
The Lunar Readings give particular predictions.
The Union between the Sun and the Lunar assist you to see what is happening in your love life.

Is your heart calling out for LOVE?
Then let’s invite it in together.

You will receive an email confirming your booking and we will set up a time for you asap.
The session is online. We meet on Skype or whichever media you prefer. The main thing is that we are on video with each other.


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