The Perfect Reading for you who wish to know where you are at in your inner union as well as union with another in Sacred Love.



Product Description

Divine Messages on your love life, self-love and union Love

– What to do to reach the state of love?

Reaching inner union is about balancing the inner masculine and inner feminine energies but it is also to know and dare to live out your primary energy, which for women is the feminine and for the men the masculine energy.

When we lose touch with ourselves, we lose balance. When we lose balance, we have actually abandoned ourselves.

This spread will help you figure out where you need to put your focus to regain our balance, how to come back home into yourself, as well as present you with tools as to how to deal with it and what to do exactly.

It is also with messages on YOUR LOVE LIFE.
What does your love life need of input, output and what is coming your way?

Every reading consists of channeled messages from your very own team of guides, angels and your higher self.
So the same card may never mean the same thing, it depends on the messages that are connected to you how it will be interpreted and presented to you.

The reading is online. We meet on Zoom, Skype or FaceTime and you will receive a picture of the spread as well as a recorded audio on email right after your session is done.


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