(NEW) Lunar Reading

Do you know your challenges and why they surface?
Do you know how to deal with them when they do?

This is a new way of looking into your journey and development most efficiently, with the balance from the sun and the moon looking into your soul and soul-journey.

The sun presents your inner masculine and your spirit, and the moon your inner feminine and your emotions. In a combination, such as this, you will see your inner balance or the challenges connected to it and thus a way to reach that balance, or put in other words, your inner union between divine feminine and divine masculine.

The numbers from your birthdate will lay the foundation of this session and reading. It will be used to find your soul’s and being’s numbers, which will be connected to first the tarot, then to your sun sign, then to find  your lunar birthday and thus your Lunar sign (your birthday converted into the Lunar calendar). The Lunar birthday will tell you about your expansion within the year and up to 3 years from the time of your reading.

The next step of the reading, we look into the tarot through a spread I have been given from my own spirit team. It consists of 16 cards and will provide you with profound knowledge and wisdom for your present moment as well as your path ahead.
This way you get to see the foundation of your soul’s journey, its expansion and gain the clarity you are seeking as well as the tools for your further spiritual and emotional growth.

You will receive an email confirming your booking and we will set up a time for you asap.
The session is online. We meet on Skype or whichever media you prefer. The main thing is that we are on video with each other.



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