Customized & Channeled Meditation

A journey through the depths of your heart and heights of your soul

30-45 min meditation session.

You might be going to New Earth, to visit the stars, a trip around the world or a lovely sitting in the forest or at the beach.
Every minute is for you, channeled just for you and based on where you are in your evolutionary process.
A really enjoyable time with many benefits to your entire being and well-being.

I will guide you to where ever you are meant to be, to meet who you are meant to meet and all of it channeled through Elizabeth from your very own team of guides and angels.

You will receive an email confirming your booking and we will set up a time for you asap.
The session is online. We meet on Skype or whichever media you prefer. The main thing is that we are on video with each other.


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