Proces sessioner for virksomheder (DK)

Create the true and natural flow with yourself and your business

The Process Sessions consist of 9 sessions

– You’ll do most of the work 🙂

  • The first session, we’ll spend one hour together and the following 8 sessions are 30 minutes long.
    Experience has taught me that it’s quite enough to follow up and reach your goals in perfect time at the best price.
  • Every session will start with a scan of your energy system and end with a healing and clearing of your chakras.
    This way I will know where to place my energy with you and you will be able to work as you are meant to after the session is completed, whether it’s on your business or on you personally.
  • In each session I will be channeling whatever messages that are meant for you, concerning yourself and/or your business at this specific moment in time.

Our meetings will take place on Skype.

First 1 hour session

  • Scanning of your energy system so you’ll know what you need to work on personally.
  • TThe following sessione spirits will appear to guide and inform, which I will be the tool for.n your a medium more visihe first session is a clairvoyance session, where I, as a medium, will get you the information you need to build your business.
  • You will receive information on how you are supposed to market and brand your business, what design to create, brand identity, new strategies etc.
  • You will know what steps to take until we meet up again.
  • A complete chakra clearing and healing.

2 – 8 session

  • A scan of you and your business’ energy.
  • A follow up on your work.
  • The energy shifts in connection to you and your business.
  • What to do next.
  • A complete chakra clearing and healing.



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