Spiritual Business Advisory Services

When you want fast results and spiritual, competent guidance.

What is Spiritual Business Advisory?

– Well, it depends on you and your company and your specific needs.

It can be assistance in planning a new business strategy, brand identity, branding strategy, marketing strategy and creating the exact right campaigns. But it can also me more HR-minded like team building, how to build individual teams, which energies to be placed together, as in how your employees will cooperate better with each other. Last, it can also be clearing energies within the company space, offices etc.

To bring you the best information possible, at this specific moment in time, I’ll be working with all my abilities and competences, which are my spiritual abilities in perfect combination with my Master’s degree in International Business Communication, which revolves around both internal and external communication.

Since it’s impossible to know exactly what you and your business need, I calculate an individual price depending on hours and content.
Contact me by mail or phone and we’ll have a talk about your specific needs.

First meeting is set for 20 min. and it free of charge.


Minimum Price: $1.00



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