A Very Special Reading for your ascension and descension.

What is uplifting you and what are you bound to receive?


Product Description

Do you want to know what lies ahead, in what way you will be ascending this month and what is in store for you of physical manifestations in your life?

Whatever it is that you are searching for the answers to this tarot reading will provide you with the answers.
In this type of reading, you will be asked about your birthdate and I will convert your sun-birthday into the Lunar calendar, so you will get both a sun sign and a lunar sign reading – two in one reading.

Each reading comes with channeled information from your spirit-team of guides, angels and your higher self.

After you have made your purchase, you will receive and e-mail for confirmation and to arrange a time for you that suits both you and me.

The session is online and we meet either on Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, which ever you prefer.
You will receive a recording and picture of your spread, also through e-mail, right after your session is over.

Expect to spend approximately 45 – 60 min in my company for this specific reading.


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