Webinar: Course in Self-Mastery

But what does it really mean to master oneself?
Well, it means to be present with all that you are. And all that you are is not just a physical being but a multidimensional existence, which has a special place in the universe/multiverse with a unique gift and a unique presence. There is a reason why you are here now at this very point in time. There is a reason why you are reading this. You are ready for more. Ready to go deeper, higher, inwards and outwards with your beingness.

These Self-Mastery-Classes will bring you into and up to all that you are. You will experience yourself as oneness with yourself. In short: You will be arriving HOME.

This webinar, which is 4 Sundays, starting on Sunday Oct. 20 2019, will bring you into yourself, provide you with tools to evolve further along your spiritual path and enlighten your being with even more experiences of what you never knew you were.

It is all energy work. And energy as in your energy in combination and cooperation with the universal energies. Primarily, the energy is to maintain or restore the inner balance between masculine and feminine energy. You will become aware of the energies, how they work and how they balance so you can master that yourself on a daily basis.

Mastering yourself in all aspects of life such as:


You are a magician, and now it’s time to get to know how to work your magic and magical skills.


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Product Description

Spiritual Evolution Practice

To master yourself, your essence, your presence in life and your sense of time is imperative to evolve into the full and empowered you.

4 webinars

We meet over Zoom every other Sunday starting October 20 2019 at 3 pm UTC+2


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