Webinar: Ground Course in Spirituality; The Home-Coming

You start to feel something moving within you, an urge, a desire for more, there has to be more than this. This is the first call. This calling is for you to acknowledge yourself, recognize yourself as who you are. Not what you think you are but what you feel you are. Do you feel as if you are living someone else’s life? Then you probably are. Are you ready for it to change now?

We meet ONLINE on a Zoom-webinar (you will receive the link just prior to each session).
It is 4 sessions in total, every other week, starting Sunday October 13 2019 at 9 pm (UTC/GMT+2)

If you for one or the other reason are unable to attend, you will receive the recording through email and get the chance to ask your questions during the next session.


Product Description

We grow up in a family of certain family structures, patterns and karma.

Idea of how life should be and evolve. What career path you should choose and what definitely not to choose. Which path did you take? The one that held you desire or the one that was given to you or even placed upon you from the outside world’s expectations?

Now you feel it’s time for a HUGE change. You cannot hold the fortress of lies and betrayal any longer. You have been living that lie for too long and it has to stop. It is not that you did anything wrong, you just did and behaved according to the program that was placed within you. Now you feel out of alignment with that installment and you feel there is more to life than this. You are completely right, there is. 

This ground course in spirituality is created to assist you home, back into full connection with yourself, into full authenticity and love.

We work consistently with the 4 bodies: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and in that order.

We start with INTIMACY, which is the foundation of you and connects with the physical body and the mental body. In this stage you practice mentally with yourself to bring yourself into mindfulness of what you do and why you do it. This is to grow aware of yourself more deeply and transform your life from outside of yourself into yourself.

Intimacy consists of 3 basic connections: Beauty, senses, presence.

Beauty is to connect with your body. To see the beauty of you.

Senses take you to connecting with all of your senses, the known 5 but also the 6th sense will be revealed to you, where you get the chance to experience all the other 5 senses through the 6th sense, so beyond the physical realm.

The 5 known senses that we will be practicing are of course:

Smelling, hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting.

You know your body best, since you have been with it from the day you were born. Unfortunately more often than not, we forget to use it properly. 

During this course you will be brought back into awareness of it through physical practice with tools from kinesiology, tantra, yoga and studies of your own body language to grow more and more aware of yourself and how you also present yourself in the physical reality amongst other people.

Whenever we think a thought it creates an emotion, this emotion will eventually manifest into your physicality. We know it from feeling nervous or even anxious, it goes straight to our stomach region.

To reverse this, we can use the body and its language to transform the feeling through tricking the brain. All these tools will be given to you during the course.

The spiritual body is constantly flowing through you. Your heart wouldn’t beat without it and you wouldn’t be here to begin with. It is LIFE FORCE ENERGY.

We all know the spiritual body more or less. But if you have ever heard of intuition and maybe know the feeling of it, you have already made contact with your spiritual body. 

Your spiritual body is experienced in various forms and on several levels of existence. Fact is that we are multidimensional beings, meaning that we live in layers or more or less consciousness. We consist of physical form, light body, energy body, spirit. We are etheric, physical, light and energy all at the same time. 

What if you got the chance to meet all these aspects of yourself? Wouldn’t that be awesome. 

Well, here is your chance to grow aware and acquainted with all of them. 

Your higher self is the most important one, after you having made contact with yourself in the here and now. 

Your higher self is you, all you, on a higher existing level. 

If anyone else shows up demanding your attention, such as angels, spirit guides or animals, ascendent masters etc. we will connect with these as well of course. 

Besides, your aura is your light and the energy people subconsciously react to when they meet you, so of course we will go into that part of you too. 

You will be trained in seeing auras, including your own, both with your physical eyes and your eye of truth, also known as the third eye.

Before connecting with your higher self and the rest of the team, which takes for you to fully activate and open your crown chakra, you will learn exactly how to ground yourself into the earth, so you don’t take flight and remember the received information, and you will get to know how you best shield and protect yourself and your energy prior to traveling above and beyond.

This course is functioning in 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension.


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