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Holistic Coaching Education Program

Become a certified Holistic Coach: Start September 5, 2022, 10 AM CET

  • 3 hours
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Service Description

Participation through application, as I only take on 8 students per semester. When you book, you book our initial meeting, where we have a talk to see if we are the right fit for each other. This is a 3 semester course. Each semester is 6 months and after the total of 18 months, you yourself will be a CERTIFIED HOLISTIC COACH & SPIRITUAL COUNSELOR. The Holistic Coaching Education Program is totally customized for YOU and no-one else. There are no two identical human beings and neither is any of your private sessions, where we will be focusing on YOU and WHAT you are going to bring into the world. You get a VERY personal and individual training with Elizabeth Lund, which consists of: 1. Semester: - Weekly classes (3 hrs per week) - Weekly 30 min. private sessions - Free access to Elizabeth's online courses. With focus on creating awareness of the light YOU hold, for you to live YOUR ultimate life in love through release of fear, which comes through a decrease of your ego. Heartfelt practices over mindfulness. Together we will unveil your abilities and as you get to know them, you will gradually get to trust them. Trust grows from within, and together we will make that happen for you. 2. Semester: - We practice together and on each other to begin with. Gradually you will start to take test clients (1 per week) - Weekly 30 min private sessions - Free access to Elizabeth's online courses. It will all be all about you; your skills, your full potential, your future future, complete healing of you, your expression, but most of it is about expanding your consciousness to establish a foundation you can build upon in your specialization. 3. Semester - You run as many test-clients as you can per week, love-donation based. - Send the most challenging one to Elizabeth, so you can go through it together. - 60 min private session to focus on your expertise and set up your business, marketing and branding, so you will be ready to go, when you are certified. Every being has a uniqueness to them that cannot be systemized and that uniqueness in YOU deserves to be brought out into the world. There are people waiting for YOU, a person with YOUR skills and gifts specifically. We meet on Skype every week for both the classes and your private sessions. VALUE: $18, 890

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To cancel your session, please notify no later than 24 hours prior to session start. If you don't, you will lose your session and there will be no refund.

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